Think Your Roof Needs Replacing?

Take Advantage of a Free Roofing Inspection

With Texas Metal Roofing Contractors you get quick service and affordable rates on all your roofing repair or roof replacement needs. We have a staff of roofing contractors who are highly-trained, skilled and ready to serve you. No work is too simple or too complicated for us. If you suspect your roof has a problem give us a call, we’ll come out a do a no obligation, free roofing inspection and give you an estimate of any repairs that need to be done.

How Soon Should You Get A Roof Replacement?

Then roofing problems arise, what comes to mind initially is if we need a roof replacement or can we somehow expand the years of serviceable life for our current roof. What we should be asking is how we can make the best use of your roof and maximize its lifespan.

You Probably Don’t Need to Replace Your Roof

Typically, roofs don’t really need replacements other than minor fixing unless it is totally damaged. Roofs are made to last longer and through proper maintenance, you can extend its duration. There are several ways you can determine whether or not you need to repair your roof or replace it for a new one. Leaks don’t really need to become an excuse for a new roof. Sometimes a repair is all you need.

You Have Options

You have two options when it comes to repairing work on your roof. You may call a reliable roofing company to handle the job or you can try to do the repairs on your own. Of course, this depends on how much time, money and experience you may have. It is wise to seriously consider your decision to avoid any mistakes and weigh all your options or just let a professional do the job.

Don’t Ignore Roofing Problems

One common mistake why roofing problems occur, it is because people tend to ignore the issue. The longer you put off the repair, the more severe it becomes. If you have a leak in your home or see water damage on the ceiling, it’s time to do something about it right away.  You don’t want to wait until the leak gets worse or until the whole ceiling is damaged. Yet, this is what many people do.

It’s a Good Idea to Get More Than One Estimate

However, you may need to be careful in choosing a professional roofing company to handle the work for you. There are many roofing companies that offer various services. Some may be more costly than others, but this does not mean they are going to do a good job. Always exercise good judgment and do not hesitate to ask questions to make sure you are getting what you pay for.…
Mold Remediation

Water Damage Restoration Cerification

What Are the Basics of Water Damage Restoration Certification?

The process of getting a certification with Water Damage Restoration training is an important event to go through to acquire the skills needed to conduct proper water damage restoration. Even though this industry doesn’t have a regulatory board to oversee their standards, the organizations that offer training and certifications are what will set the benchmark for high-quality service.

 What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?

Water Damage Restoration is a service wherein a group of professional technicians is permitted to enter a residence or business after it has met a water damage incident like burst pipes, flood, or a roof leak, etc. They are not only going to clean up the whole mess, but they are also expected to dry up and repair the substructures that are affected by high moisture volumes, like drywall and plaster, concrete, metal, and wood. They also are equipped to do mold remediation. There are problems associated with moisture damage, weakening supports and beams, rusted metal surfaces, crumbling plasters and wall, and much more. If the moisture is left too long, it can lead the house to its ruin. By acquiring training in water damage restoration, and

Category 1

Liquid Category 1 is from the sanitary and clean source such as drinking fountains, toilet tanks, faucets, etc. But this category can degrade quickly into Category 2.

Category 2

Liquid Category 2 was used to be referred to as gray water and is used in defining the contaminant level that can cause discomfort or illness when ingested. Sources of the Category 2 include overflows from washing machine or dishwasher, flush from the sink drains, and the toilet overflow that has some urine but without feces.

Category 3

The Liquid Category 3 is the worst of the three and is ultimately unsanitary. It can cause severe illness, or when ingested can cause death. It was referred to as black water, and the sources of black water include flooding from streams or rivers, toilet overflow that has feces, the stagnant liquid that has begun to support the growth of bacteria and sewer backup.

Classes of Destruction

Those that are going to take the training are also going to be exposed to different classes of destruction, starting from Class 1 to Class 4. Each of these classes describes the evaporation rate and the level of damage it has brought to the area. Class 1 is the easiest situation to deal with since it comes with a slow rate of evaporation. The training involved with water damage restoration educates the applicants in telling the differences between categories and classes and from there to create a plan based on these…

Is Tile Roofing Right For Your Property?

Tile Roofing Is May Be the Best Option Houston Commercial Buildings

Tile roofing is a very sound investment when re-roofing or installing a roof on new construction. A commercial tile roof is becoming a popular choice beyond traditional areas such as the Southwest because it enhances most architecture.  It comes in many colors and shapes, it is energy efficient and is proving a durable choice in cold and high wind climates.  Proper installation requires a Houston roofing contractor with experience in tile roofing installation.

Here are the top five benefits of tile:

  1. It is engineered to last
  2. You have a choice of colors and styles
  3. It stands up to high winds
  4. Economical because it lasts up to 100 years
  5. Is available as “green” or “cool” tile roofing for energy savings


Tile Roof


What You  Can Expect From Your Tile Roofing:

Tile has a long record of durable performance. Here is a comparison: A commercial asphalt roof has a life cycle of about ten years. A tile roof can remain high performance for more than 50 years!  Modern designers have been able to create concrete and clay tile roofing to complement any architectural style. The tiles themselves can be flat or round, simulate wood shakes or mimic 19th-century roofing materials. Colors fade to a lesser degree than with most other materials. You may be eligible for colorfast warranties of 50 years. The weight contributes to the wind resistance without overtaxing a building structure. Some systems have been tested to withstand 150 miles per hour winds. You face next to no maintenance, and single tiles are far easier to repair or replace than other roofing options. Tile roofing requires no coating, painting, cleaning, or sealing. But like all other roofing materials, tile roofing requires a roofing contractor Houston with the skill and experience to properly install it. Due to their long lifespan—50 to 100 years or more, clay and concrete tile roofs are one of the most cost-effective roofing choices you can make. Both concrete and clay tile outlast other roofing materials, with manufacturers offering warranties from 50 years to the life of the structure.


Here Is a List of Materials Used To Manufacture Tiles

  • Cement tiles can give a building a Spanish inspired look, yet some styles complement mission or prairie architecture. They are fire resistant and require little maintenance. They are perfect for new construction or a retrofit where you can adapt the structural base to support tile roofing.
  • Slate tiles have a unique look.  Tiles are fireproof, they last a long time and require very little maintenance. You will need an expert roofing contractor to install slate; Slate roofing needs a particular skill set.
  • Concrete fiber reinforced tiles are manufactured in a slate-style or a stone look. It is one of the lightest weight tile roofing options. The fire and pest resistance and durability ratings are very high.
  • Metal roofing tiles of steel, aluminum, tin or copper are made to mimic slate or cedar tiles and are manufactured in a wide array of colors. Competent metal roof contractors can install these materials on top of an existing roof, which saves the expense of a tear-off and disposal of the existing roof.
  • Synthetic roofing tiles also mimic many styles of tile. They are made of polymers and rubber and are engineered to be every bit as durable as natural materials. These tiles are light enough to be installed on many existing roofing frames without any additional reinforcement.

For more information about Houston roofing repair or a new roof installation, click here.…

Who Gets The Call When Austin Floods?

Austin Flooding

This reputable water damage restoration company helps Austin prepare for and recover from water disasters. Austin, TX has had its share of powerful storms. Residents must always be ready for disasters brought about by severe weather and need to know the most reliable water damage restoration services in the city. An outstanding water damage restoration company has the manpower and the technology to help restore your property to its former glory by effectively extracting water from your property and using proven dehumidifying solutions. Immediately after the occurrence of water damage and blackout in an area, it can provide temporary power supply and remove unwanted debris. To keep homes and the environment clean and safe, a competent company can also offer Austin mold remediation and odor elimination, and deodorization services. This excellent company can also help save precious heirloom furniture and art pieces such as paintings and murals, and salvage important documents through its fine arts recovery and wet document recovery services.

Austin Area Flooding

What Other Services May Flood Victims Need?

Austin residents may also benefit from exceptional plumbing services, such as repair and replacement of sewer lines, as well as sinks, faucets, and other water fixtures. A reputable company can also help secure your home and your belongings even before disaster strikes. By employing emergency board-up services and by providing customers with a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan, a restoration company can set up a line of defense against water damage for its clients and their property.

Atex Technicians Are Time Tested

ATEX Water Damage Restoration is a Texas industry leader in water damage restoration. Their skilled team of qualified professionals has been delivering outstanding restoration services to Texans for over 30 years.…